Get CyberFlix TV on Windows PC using Nox App Player

Do you enjoy doing marathons but only the kind that involves watching decades worth of shows in mere days? Are you someone who has seen all their favorite movies umpteenth times that you remember not just the dialogues but also all the on-screen activity and appearances?

To achieve this commendable feat, even if you might’ve previously used torrents with a VPN to safely watch all the content, it has now become rather tedious for you to first download all the content instead of just streaming it.

So, in such a case, do you think that subscribing to streaming services and paying a huge amount of money monthly/yearly is the right way to meet your needs?

Here, we have a solution for all of your streaming needs for free. CyberFlix TV is the app that you need if you want to stream TV Shows and Movies for absolutely free! You can use it on your Android device to watch your desired content without any restrictions and for as many hours as you may like!

Get Cyberflix TV on Windows Using Nox Player

If you appreciate the convenience of streaming your Movies on a large screen and would rather like to immerse yourself completely in whatever you’ve chosen to watch, don’t think the only way that allows you to do so is to eventually purchase the subscriptions.

Stream Movies and TV shows using CyberFlix TV on PC

Although CyberFlix TV is an android app, you can run it on your desktop or laptops too by doing one simple task. You’ll need to get a capable Android Emulator to get the features on your PC that CyberFlix provides.

The Emulator that you choose should provide you seamless compatibility for free among different platforms while also being efficient, intuitive and incredibly useful at the same time.

Moreover, the emulator that you may choose should be capable enough to provide a better viewing experience on your Windows PC, along with improving the performance and quality of the app you are going to install and run on PC.

Among several good Android Emulators in the market, there are but few that meet all of your requirements and the best one would be Nox App Player, considering that you’d also like stability, who doesn’t?

Let’s get you quickly familiar with all the benefits of using the Nox Player and the process of installing it on your PC/Laptop right away.

Nox App Player is easily among the best in the market because it has a large user base contributing towards a better and stable experience.

It’s free and has special features along with great customizability that lets you enjoy whatever you may want, be it applications or games, it runs everything smoothly!

You can even pick a particular device to emulate within the settings so that you’re not held back by any kind of restrictions on a technical level.

Steps to Install CyberFlix TV on PC using Nox App Player

Let’s get you to speed with all the steps you need to follow to install this wonderful app on your PC:

  • First of all, you need to download the Nox App Player on your PC by clicking on the download button provided below.
  • After the download has been completed successfully, double click on the downloaded installer file and press Run if a dialogue box opens up asking for permission.
  • Follow the process of installing the Nox App Player on PC carefully and once it’s finished, start the Nox App Player.


  • Now, you’ll also need to download CyberFlix TV APK, this can be done with a click on the link available below.

You’ll be now required to make changes in some of the settings of the Emulator.

  • Find and click on the Add an APK option located somewhere at the title bar on the top right corner of the emulator’s window.
  • Now, click ‘I Know’ when asked by the Nox App Player to begin the installation of CyberFlix TV APK.
  • Head to the main screen or the home screen of the Nox App Player once the installation is finished.
  • An icon of CyberFlix TV should now be visible to you, open the app by clicking on it.
  • CyberFlix TV should now be open and functional on your PC, so you may now go ahead and enjoy to the fullest of your heart, all the Movies and TV shows you may like!


The primary function of this guide is to provide you simple and easy steps by which you can start enjoying CyberFlix TV on your PC.

Now, stream all the movies and TV shows in Hi-Res up to 4k on a larger screen for free with the option to view subtitles and even download all the content for offline viewing.

Download CyberFlix TV APK today!